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That Special Feeling

holiday peace

There’s a feeling you get around the holidays. It’s the universal sentiment that you and your neighbor are celebrating together; celebrating something good. It’s

that feeling that when the holidays are over, you mourn for a little bit because you know things are just going to go back to “normal” and that little connection we share is broken for a while.

Does it feel the same to each of us? Probably not exactly the same because we all associate certain items, foods and scents that contribute to the festive feeling in our hearts. They’re in the form of our traditions and different habits we have acquired during this time of the year and collected in our hearts in years past. Some have been passed down from parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, special family. And some we create ourselves based on what we hold most important in our hearts.

This is the time of year we show the ones we love how much we love them.  We are a little kinder to the people we see on the street and flash a more genuine smile to the cashier as we purchase our wrapping paper and gift boxes and shout holiday greetings to neighbors we may not have spoken to for a month or two. And a connection is made again.

It’s special and it can’t be replaced by anything else we experience in this life. How lucky we are that we have the choice to experience it every year.

Yes, we know that some folks out there complain about the holidays and find them to be stressful and annoying. Still, we genuinely believe that even those people feel something wonderful during this season, too. Maybe it’s a little more difficult for them to tap into the joy, but it eventually happens for each of us. And what a gift that is; the pure joy that’s not about gift giving or receiving. It’s about being with each other in love and light and peace.

Enjoy your time together. After all, on a significant level we’re all really together at this time of the year, whether we realize it or not.


Happy Holidays!


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