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New Year’s Resolutions Focus on Renewal

healthy new year habitsYes, it’s a new year again, and every new year offers us a fresh start. New Year’s resolutions focus on renewal and we promise to ourselves that we’re going to do a few things differently, whether they are big things or little things; we’re committed to making a change for the better. But, do we keep these promises? Meh. But we digress.

Many times our resolutions have to do with improving our health in one way or another. We say we’re going to work out more, or do a cleanse to rid ourselves of the less-than-healthy habits we may have picked up over the holidays involving cookie icing, fried this and that, and maybe even a few hot totties (yum).

If you’ve made these promises, you’ve come across the perfect website to aid you in your quest. While Indigo Blooms products won’t give you righteoUncorked Organic Vinotherapyus biceps or quads, cleansing you on the inside and the outside is indeed a specialty of ours. All of our products help create a feeling of wellbeing and healthy living.

Our botanical goodness saturated products include herbs and oils that have a plethora of health benefits and healing effects for your body. Ingredients that make you feel good and that are helpful and healthy. Sooooo, let’s say you use a cleanser on your face to keep your skin nice and clean each day. Most cleansers and astringents contain chemicals and alcohol. Mimosa Organic Facial Cleanser and Toner, part of our Vinotherapy line ‘Uncorked’, is made from aloe vera, organic chamomile and organic essential oils, to name just a few of the pure, healthful ingredients.

How about body lotion or cream? You wouldn’t believe the nightmarish ingredients that are in most of the lotions out there. Indigo Blooms’ lotions contain organic botanicals and oils that not only soften and moisturize your skin, it actually nourishes it.

organic herbal teasTalk about doing something good for yourself…BOOM! There’s your resolution resolved. A healthy start to a new year, all year long with Indigo Blooms Botanicals products.

Inside cleansing starts with not only good food choices but with some healthful teas. Take a peek at our beneficial teas that were created with your health in mind.

So feel good about yourself and while you’re at it, give yourself a pat on the back for actually keeping your promise to yourself for a better, healthier new year. It’s all about renewal.


Committed to your well-being in 2014!


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