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Are You Naughty But Nice? Organic Valentine Gifts

Valentines heartsValentine’s Day….ahhhhh (imagine red and pink cartoon hearts floating around your head).

It’s a magical day filled with champagne toasts, decadent chocolates, thoughtful gifts and, yes, L-O-V-E. At least that’s what they have us think in 80’s sitcoms, campy musicals and Hugh Grant rom-coms.

Then, comes reality…

Do you know how hard it is to find a gift for your Valentine that’s not a cliché, like the homemade coupon book good for 10 free foot massages (made from the kid’s lined notebook paper), or something that looks like it could have come from the gas station on the corner (guys)?

Does Valentine’s Day really turn out the way we have it pictured in our heads every year? Heck no!!! Why? Because we’re NAUGHTY!  devil's pitchfork

Inevitably and undeniably, we ALWAYS wait until the last minute to buy a gift for our Valentine and by then we’re so desperate to find something (because it’s better to come home with SOMETHING rather than nothing) that we panic and grab the box of crayons, stapler and start constructing a magnificent symbol of our love and devotion in the locked bathroom while our significant other is watching TV in the living room. Sound familiar?

Valentine's heart - nice  This year, let’s do things a wee bit differently, guys and gals, because you are NICE!

First, we have the perfect, organic Valentine gifts for your sweetie, and by the way, you’ll have a grand time with them, too. See how this works?


Here’s what we’ve got in store for your Valentine:

Naughty But Nice Organic Gift Set (yes, a little from column A and little from column B)   Organic Naughty But Nice gift set for Valentine's Day

Because you’re naughty in a good way, try the decadent Sensual Organic Herbal Massage Oil. Or be nice and scent your body or linens with Sensual Organic Body Spritzer. Then be both naughty and nice and pucker up your luscious lips with Pout Organic Tinted Lip Smoocher. All this love prettily packaged in an organza bag.



Or perhaps:

Organic Herbal Massage Oils      Organic Essential Oil Perfumes      Cutting Edge Organic Shaving for guys

Organic Valentines Day Gifts


Or even some purple Valentine heart  for yourself:

Organic Hand Care        Organic Foot Care decadence   


It’s a no brainer and a total win-win for you and your Valentine. So get movin’ and order up some botanical goodness that’s “Naughty But Nice” with nary a glue stick nor staple required.


Hopelessly Devoted To You,
IBB       Valentine's heart - nice

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