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A Motivational Talk About Personal Renewal – RenewALL – ReNEWal

R for Renewalenewal. Or is it re-NEW-all? Or perhaps renew-ALL? Any way you look at it, making significant changes in our lives are essential decisions each of us will make at different times in our development and personal renewal. They could be simple changes such as eliminating sugary drinks or staying away from fried foods, going gluten-free or keeping chemicals off our bodies. How about going organic?

E for Renewalveryday changes. Maybe they are big promises like how we treat others and how we can be affect positive change. Could be it’s something brand NEW we are going to try; skating, volunteering, reading more novels (remember paper?), or going green. Renewal is a word that encompasses so many magical and magnificent choices that we can make to enhance our own life’s experience and perhaps those around us. Renewal is, without a doubt, a necessary part of life. Who wants to be stale?

N for Renewalever stop renewing yourself. It takes courage to make changes. It’s not an easy thing to juxtapose our current vision with that of a newer, different, even better vision. It takes guts to make those changes and to commit to them fully. After all, there is a lot of comfort in “normal”. Positive change is not easy but the reward is great and therefore imperative for enhancement and growth. Consider ALL parts of your “self”; mind, body and spirit.

E for Renewalpiphany – that “ah-ha” moment. You have committed to making changes in your lifestyle, person or surroundings because you woke up to a craving, a need for “new”. But you don’t have to go it alone. There are others out there that have made a commitment to themselves, too. Reach out to others…heck, reach out to us at Indigo Blooms and we can share stories and offer encouragement. As a community, we can appreciate our collective journey; share our excitement, our fears – and our growth.

W for Renewalellness, a renewal for your health. Whatever you do, don’t give up on a good thing. If your commitment is toward a positive change and will ultimately make you a happier, healthier person (inside and out), stick to it and make a pledge to see it through. Strategize the journey through baby steps so that you stay encouraged and stay the course. The feeling you get when you reach your goal is immeasurably satisfying and just plain awesome.

A for Renewaldaptability is your new motto. Be flexible when integrating fresh habits and adapt them to your lifestyle. Can’t go to yoga class because your daughter has her dinosaur program? Walk the next day with your BFF. If the restaurant doesn’t have a gluten-free menu (these days, is that even likely?), order without the breading or leave off the roll basket. What about that crazy, new hobby you’re going to try? Can’t find a class? YouTube it! Don’t let anything stop you from attaining your goal. Think creatively.

L for Renewalongevity is the key to transforming “new” to “habit”. So, bottom line….keep it up! Work to make your “self” happy and excited about your future. And we’ll be here along the way to help wherever we can. It’s about RENEWAL, in all its forms. And don’t forget to pat yourself on the back along the way because you deserve it!


Committed to your renewal and wellbeing,


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