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Holiday Gift Giving Strategy

Wrapped gift

Shopping malls? Ew!


Why would one willing endure the stress of the holiday season at the local mall, you ask? We wonder, too. That’s why we’re writing this blog to help you reduce the time you have to spend in your local shopping mega-conglomerate.

Allow us to paint a picture for you:

Finding that elusive parking space that took fifteen minutes to circle around the lot (for the third time) to find. In the snow, of course. Then the twenty minutes to wrangle your way out of the parking lot at the end of three stress-inducing hours. Hmm.

mall shopping stressThe experience of screaming children wanting to sit on Santa’s lap and confess their desperate longing for the newest Elmo du Jour. Appealing?

The desperate battle with six other crazed women for the last pair of puffy-fuzzy boots? Do they even need fuzzy boots or is it just the buzz of battle?

The “I Don’t Want To Be Here” sales person that is projecting the agony of the six hours left of their shift on all their customers.


Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, consider shopping on-line with Indigo Blooms Botanicals. You can leisurely sip a lovely cup of warm coffee, a rejuvenating cup of vanilla-chamomile tea, or, let’s admit it, a large glass of lip-smacking cabernet. Not only can you shop from the comfort of your own over-stuffed chair with a warm kitty on your lap, you can feel great knowing you’re giving the people in your life pure, organic goodness for their health and beauty needs.gift giving angel

It’s so very simple to get the perfect gift for everyone in your life. Choose a beautiful jar of loveliness or select your botanical bounty all bundled
up in a luxurious gift set (less decisions that way). You’ll be a gift angel.

So…no long lines…no grumpy sales folks…no bah humbug (husbands excluded)…no crummy weather…no stale fruitcake (wait, that has nothing to do with shopping, we’re just thinking out loud here). The bonus – you’re supporting a small business!

Christmas star

If you want the flavor of the holiday season without the mall shopping hassle, may we suggest going to see the public light displays, skating at the local ice rink, taking in a Christmas concert? Revel in the joy of the season.

Enjoy your holiday and help your loved ones enjoy it too by treating them to some wonderful, artisan crafted, botanical goodness. Don’t forget to treat yourself for your good judgment.



Happy Holidays!



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