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February Love And Renewal


It's all about renewal, baby! Starting with organic body care www.indigobloomsbotanicals.comenewal. Or is it re-NEW-all? Or renew-ALL? Any way you look at it, making significant changes in our lives are essential decisions each of us will make at different times in our development and personal renewal. They could be simple changes…  (read more…)


Essential oil perfumes - yum!

Perfume & LOVE

Well, we can’t provide you with the chocolates but we can seduce you with perfume; organic, pure, beautifully and softly scented. Choose from citrus Capricious Wind, warm Huntress, exotic orange Sun Salutation or green herbal Verdant scents. Each is made with organic essential oils, passion and playfulness to create a synergy and fusion in a jojoba base. Choose from beautiful decorative glass bottles, roll-ons or solid perfumes. Never, ever, ever any chemicals. For that chocolate fix, try this luscious herbal dark chocolate truffle recipe. It all equates to LOVE and it’s in the air.


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