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Coloring Easter Eggs Naturally

Coloring Easter Eggs Naturally

Did you know that you can use all natural ingredients to dye Easter eggs?

No need for those fizzy, chemical laden tablets that most of us have called poison control about when our two-year-old ate one thinking it was an M&M. Even though the blue poop is funny, it still is a bit of an eye-opener and motivation for using coloring Easter eggs naturally.

So we’ve come up with a list of naturally awesome fruits, veggies and spices that you can use to dye those magical eggs:

Blueberries produce a lovely Lavender color   Naturally dyed lavender easter egg

Beet or Cranberry Naturally dyed purple easter egg  Juice creates different Pinks

Paprika  Naturally dyed red easter egg  dyes eggs a pretty Red

Turmeric creates a mellow Yellow  Naturally dyed yellow easter egg

Naturally dyed blue easter egg  Red Cabbage creates Robin’s Egg Blue

Spinach, Grass or Kale  Naturally dyed green easter egg  dyes a pretty Green

Tea, coffee and onion skins can create a beautiful  Naturally dyed light brown easter egg  light creamy Brown

While you’re contemplating the produce run for the egg dyes, keep these cool design ideas in mind:

•    Tie some rubber bands around the egg before dipping in the dye.  This creates very cool striped effects.
•    Use crayons to draw names, polka dots or pictures on the eggs before dropping them in the dye.  The wax keeps the dye from penetrating the egg shell and the pictures come out bright and beautiful.   Yellow Easter chick
•    Place some letter stickers on each egg before dyeing and then peel off afterward to reveal the letter or word you just created on the egg.
•    To save time, just make the three primary colors; red, yellow and blue then combine the colors in another bowl to create secondary colors, or dip the egg in one color then the next to create a one-of-a-kind color beauty.

Dyeing eggs is a great way to enjoy time with family while being creative and imaginative, not to mention all the science and math lessons you’re teaching the little ones. A hidden bonus! And have a great time together this weekend – and you can forget the number for Poison Control.

Dyeing to help, IBB

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